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Setting a Strong Pace in a Race with No End!

Improvement usually means doing something that we have never done before"
-Shigeo Shingo-

Your Company has now reached 4th Quarter 2008. Has it been a successful year for your Company or are you fighting to beat the numbers as year end draws ever closer? Have you fought fire after fire with your Suppliers, and still the level of Quality you seek seems unapproachable via your current Supply Chain.

Setting a strong pace in a race with no end creates winners in the ever ever growing competitive global marketplace. Consequently, the ability of an organization to change determines their survival, and effort to lead the pack. It is an advantage that many seek and few find. In the words of Herodotus, 'The only constant is change'. Will your organization lead the pack and seek contiunuos improvement in all areas of your quality management system?

One area often put on the back burner is Supplier Performance. Have you utilized your resources effectively and efficiently? Are your SQE's overwhelmed with fire fighting? Is it time for change.....the answer is, yes it is. The ability to manage your Suppliers may be the difference in meeting your Quarterly Goals & Objectives.

Ron Atkinson, past President of The American Society of Quality, stated "Unlike twenty years ago when the quality department was viewed as the creator of quality, now the whole concept is more integrated into the culture of the organizations." This integrated culture will result in spreading the responsiblity throughout the Supply Chain. You must then too, as a Company require that your Suppliers are attaining the level of quality that you seek.

One way to achieve this is to outsource your Supplier Audit Function. This allows complete focus on the task at hand. Many trained professionals within an organization deal with multiple job requirements, which leads to the inablity of effecitvely and efficiently assessing the Supplier base. Supplier Audits is one of the best ways to ensure that the Supplier is following the processes and procedures set forth by your Company.

Outsourcing this function is more cost effective for an organization when you consider time, resources, experience, and knowledge. Organizations need to be on constant lookout for competitive techniques and tools. QUALACO, Inc can assist you in maintaining your competitive edge.

*Reduce Cycle Times*
*Monitor Critical to Quality Metrics*
*Drive Supplier responsibility by creating a Supplier Quality Manual"
*Audit Suppliers for product, service, and/or quality compliance*

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