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Dealing With Dementia - Not So Easy After All

Everybody has probably heard about Dementia and most people know a little bit about this disease.
However, it is sad to say that most people have no idea how to deal with a person who has Dementia syndrome.
This disease comes with many symptoms which can vary from a little amnesia to serious personality changes and hallucinations.
When someone has a broken leg, it is easy to see that this person has problems with walking, dancing and jumping around.
With Dementia this is another story.
In this disease, the cognitive functioning of the brain is slowly deteriorating resulting in memory loss and other serious symptoms.
However, you can not see from the outside if some has dementia or not.
You can not expect from someone with a broken leg to jump, and you can not expect from a person with dementia to start remembering things.
Easily said, this is not easily done.
When you live with someone for over 10 or 20 years, it is hard to accept that the person is not the same person as who he was.
Dealing with changes in dementia is probably the hardest thing caregivers are confronted with.
They always have questions why their loved one is not listening to them anymore and sometimes walks away when you are talking to them.
They also have questions why their loved one is not leaving the house anymore or read a book.
Although these are some serious good questions, this is still the same as asking to a blind man why he can not see.
Dealing with dementia is not just knowing the symptoms, it is placing yourself into the mind of the person with dementia.
Reading information about this disease is a good start.

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