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How to Apply Paint to a Turtle Shell

    • 1). Clean the turtle shell to remove any loose dust, dirt and grime for the paint to catch well. Rub the surface of the shell with a clean rag and water. Wipe with a clean terry towel to dry.

    • 2). Inspect the turtle shell to determine the location on the shell for your paint marks. You can center the paint markings on the shell or place the markings on the front or rear of the shell.

    • 3). Paint the pattern you want on the shell. Dip your paint brush in non-toxic paint and use smooth strokes to paint the turtle shell surface you identified. You may use nail polish in place of paint to make the turtle shell paint marks. Nail polish is usually nontoxic as it can also be applied on a baby's nails.

    • 4). Allow the paint to dry before exposing the turtle to the elements.

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