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There are many branches of astrology prevalent in this world today, such as the Vedic astrology system, Chinese astrology, and others...Sabian Astrology (USED by Vesta) is the MOST accurate; as it gives the EXACT DEGREE of the planets that each of your signs were in at your time of birth-not just the general/whole sign...
While many people are curious to know about their future, tarot card reading has gained the largest popularity among people of all countries. Readers to claim to "Tell Your Fortune" are not telling the truth...Even the best can only foresee probable outcomes. Tarot Reading is an interesting way to find out what is going on with you at the moment, and, when done properly- can advise you on how you can change where your current path is leading you - if changes aren't made. Your Future IS NOT "SET IN STONE"!!

Tarot Reading is not fortune telling, per se. People should get an accurate tarot reading from Vesta as she has studied and advised for over 25 years. Vesta can look into a specific aspect of your life-Love, Career/Studies to take, Love, Happiness, Family Relationships, or anything you are curious about- or I can start with a general reading This reveals (After interpreting each card and its placement,) -Your Past, your Present situation, What (or whom) is affecting your Present situation (either positively or negatively),Your near future, Further future, How you feel about yourself, How others see you, Your Hopes, Dreams and Fears, and What WILL occur if changes aren't made.. ALL (Except for Your Past, and Present) CAN BE CHANGED!!! - if you follow my (Vesta's) suggestions. I will explain all findings, and advise until you feel you understand completely.

Having interaction over the phone makes it easier for Vesta to explain Your Readings to You, Answer Any Questions You would like to ask, and better explain and advise on how to help change anything you are less than happy with, as it is a two-way conversation. I read by what I SEE while looking at the cards and their placement in your Tarot Spread (The layout of the cards.) There is No One Meaning for ANY Card...They will mean different things in different reading (Even in YOUR own readings,) If done again, or while asking about another Situation or Aspect of Your Life. Naturally, some findings in a Reading, will lead to another reading right then - for clarification on one or another card/aspect in Your Life.

If you are confused about making important decisions or are really worried about your future then the services of an accurate tarot card reader and advisor Will HELP you to get answers to all of your questions, and help solve your problems. You should be willing to follow my (Vesta's) suggestions...This will make the most out of your Tarot Readings with me. The cards explain the major aspects of life. My Tarot Reading and Advising will help you to make changes that will positively effect you!! I (Vesta) am very experience in Tarot Reading and Advising.

Vesta is a renowned name in the field of tarot reading, and has studied and done tarot card reading and astrology for more than 20 years. She effectively and accurately identifies the major themes throughout the life of the person and helps to make future better. She is an accurate professional and experienced Sabian astrologist, Sabian Astrology takes over 6 hours to do accurately, but is well worth my time- it reveals very much about one's personality, and character traits. You need not pay 6 hours of phone time, I will call or email you when it is finished-might be a week or so, this is mentally draining, and cannot be done in one sitting...When I let you know I am finished, You can schedule a time to discuss my findings...I'll thoroughly explain this to you.

I DO SO hope to hear from you... Appointments are best made over the phone, as I live alone, u may say anything you like. I check phone messages more frequently then emails...TYVM, Blessings, Vesta.

Vesta is Always interested in Your opinions about Your Sessions. Please sendany Comments to Vesta at... [email protected]

You can also create a profile with Tarot Reading by Vesta and track the status of your current orders and previous orders as well. The tarot card reading by Vesta provides an insight about every important aspect of your life. Check out the complete details, by browsing through

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