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Successful List Building Technique - Trade Ads With Other Publishers

This is a simple method of generating new subscribers instantly.
Basically, you place an ad for other publishers newsletters in your newsletter and they do the same for you in return.
In other words you exchange ads positioning with each other.
The benefit of this concept can be greatly rewarding if you do it right.
If not, it still can help you immensely.
It's not something I'm a huge fan of, but it does work.
But there are a few tips you should know.
Trading ad's for ad's with other publishers works well when your mailing list is small and growing rapidly.
It's very hard to find suitable ad swapping deals that are worth your while when you have 10,000 or more subscribers.
So how can you find publishers that are looking to trade ad's? Easy! Do a Google search for the following.
"your market here ezine" EX "Gardening Ezine" "Gardening Newsletter" Then just contact all the publishers you can and ask them if they are willing to trade ad space in their newsletter for ad space in your newsletter.
Don't just spam these people.
Actually sign up for their ezine, look at their website, personalize any contact you make with them so they know you're not just harvesting email addresses and you will do well.
Some of the time you don't even need to trade ad's with people in your exact market.
Let's say just because you run a gardening ezine, that doesn't mean you can't trade ad's with landscaping ezine.
Do you get my drift?

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