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Shopping Online for Tree Gear

In recent years, online shopping has improved dramatically. That said, if you're in the market for tree gear, the Internet really is your best bet. The following guide will show you exactly how to go about finding the gear you need from a supplier you can trust with your business.

Getting started

First things first. Make a list of exactly what you need to purchase. Maybe you need a new saddle and some climbing rope. Or perhaps you need a pulley. Whatever the need, make a detailed list. Perhaps even include the brand names you're looking for. After all, once you find a brand name you can trust, it really is a good idea to stick with them.

With list close by, pull up your favorite search engine. Google is probably your best bet. Type in "tree gear" or "tree climbing gear" and let the search begin. What you're going to find is you'll get search results pages full of companies who would love to win your business. This is the hardest part—determining who really is deserving of your time and hard earned money.

Choosing the right tree gear supplier

If you don't have a method to sorting through the tree gear supplier, you're going to find yourself getting frustrated. With that in mind, it's a good idea to know what you're looking for in a company. Sure you have already made your list of desired products, but there are easier indicators of what sort of company you're dealing with that will help you weed them out quicker. Here are a few criteria to look for:
  • A company owned by a dedicated arborist—This is probably the most important criterion. Why choose a company owned by a person with a love for tree climbing? Well, that person will understand the business best. And he will provide the absolute best gear because he knows firsthand how important quality supplies are in respect to tree climbing.

How do you tell if they are a dedicated arborist? Well sniff around a little bit. Go to the "about us" or similar section on their site. Read a little bit about their background. If they're a lifelong arborist, it will shine through in the content.
  • Safety first—Sure it's not news to you, but the fact is—tree climbing can be dangerous. Say you're twenty feet up in the air. What happens if you fall and your equipment malfunctions? Or what if you're cutting limbs and something falls and hits someone?

Well, the company you choose will understand the importance of safety. And this will come through all over their site. That means you'll see links such as "product safety" and "safety equipment." You'll also see messages informing the public of any product recalls. Why? Because the right company knows that safety really should come first in tree climbing.
  • Special sales—Once you see the above criteria, it's time to start looking at prices. Sure you aren't necessarily looking for the cheapest tree gear out there. You want to make sure you only go with quality brands. But you do want to look for good prices on high quality brand names. That said, look for a sale section. Or even better yet, perhaps you'll find someone who lists special pricing on their homepage.

Once you find a company that meets the above criteria, then you can start looking for the product you listed earlier. Finding it should be easy enough—after all, you've chosen well. So make sure you spend some time doing your homework as you shop online for tree gear.

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