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How to Be a Powerful Article Marketer

It is time to take your SEO knowledge to the next level and become an article marketer.
Article marketing is a very powerful source of internet marketing.
Many people have contemplated whether or not it is worth it for internet marketing.
I have noticed from personal experience that being an article marketer has help immensely with my search engine rankings.
When starting off as an article marketer your main goal should be to have your articles help bring traffic to your website.
Also you should try and get as make backlinks as possible.
Every article you submit you want it to be worthy enough that others use your article for their site, giving you a backlink.
You either do it the right way or the wrong way.
Anyone can write a quick 500 word article, but not everyone knows how to optimize them the correct way.
A lot of times you can submit an article to a directory and never see any results from it.
So, taking a couple minutes out of your day to properly set up an article is well worth it.
To become a successful article marketer, you must optimize your article with your keywords.
Whatever your article topic is, concentrating on keyword placement is crucial.
The best way to choose a keyword is do a quick Google search for your topic.
Find the keyword that has the least amount of results.
In that case you will have a better chance to rank higher in search engines.
Once you have found which keyword you are writing for you can start to plan your article script.
Here is a basic script for any article marketer: Subject Opening Body Closing Simple 4 step concept I use for article marketing.
In each step you should add your keyword or keyword phrase.
Add your keyword to your subject or title, at least one time in your opening paragraph.
Break the body into about 3 to 4 paragraphs adding your keyword in each.
Then finish the closing paragraph with you keyword once again.
I had the problem when I started as an >article marketer of just going out and writing random articles without any optimization.
Once you finish your article, it is time to start submitting.
The most popular and best is EzineArticles.
There are many other sites to submit too and there are even article submission products which can be very valuable for an article marketer.
Being able to set up your submissions on autopilot can very beneficial.
Another tip for article marketers is to break down your articles.
If you are stuck on what to write, simply take aspects form your existing article.
Take sections and further excel on that specific paragraph.
You will able to turn a 500 word article into 3 possible articles.
Now I use this basic understanding every time a write an article and I see good results with each.
It is time for you to become an effective article marketer.
You cannot make it any easier with these steps.
I heard the best saying ever, "Save your best articles for your obituaries, now is the time for writing articles for traffic".
As an article marketer you do not have to write the best article, you just have to write to appeal to the search engines.

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