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How to Make PHP Documents Pop Up in a Window in Dreamweaver

    • 1). Launch the Adobe Dreamweaver program on your PC or Mac computer.

    • 2). Open the file containing the HTML code that you want to use as a link to your PHP document. Or, if you don't have one yet, open a new file and select HTML as the type. In the body of the document, type "Click here to open in new window" or some other appropriate phrase.

    • 3). Select the "Code View" tab at the top of the Dreamweaver window.

    • 4). Place your text cursor in the section of the HTML design where you want to add a link to the PHP document.

    • 5). Open the "Insert" menu and choose the "Hyperlink" option.

    • 6). Enter the label text you want to use for the link and then press the folder icon.

    • 7). Navigate to the location of the PHP document to which you want to link and double-click on its name.

    • 8). Open the "Target" drop-down menu and choose the "_blank" option. This setting will ensure that the PHP document pops up in a new window when a visitor clinks on the corresponding link.

    • 9). Fill in the Title field with a name for the hyperlink and then press "OK" to add the new link to your HTML design.

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