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What makes India so special for orthopedic treatments

India, the emerging destination for medical tourism is growing leaps and bounds with each passing day. The global trend suggests that in the last decade the number of tourists visiting India for the purpose of getting medical treatment has increased manifolds. Amongst the many conditions like cancer, cardiac treatment, orthopedic treatments, and treatment for diabetes and obesity, majority of people have visited India to avail orthopedic treatment facilities like getting hip joint replacement in India done.

India's growing popularity in the discipline of orthopedic treatments can be gauged from the fact that more than fifty percent of the people who visited India in the last five years have visited this country to get done a surgery for hip joint replacement in India or knee replacement surgery done. So what are the factors that make India the top choice of patients from world over?

First and foremost, the ability of the doctors and surgeons in India to treat orthopedic problems is what matters. Surgeons here are also very popularly known as the maters of performing hip joint replacement in India. The compassion with which surgeons in India treat every patient is noteworthy. This explains why more and more patients visit India year after year. The response that global patients give and the feedback they leave and deliver in their own countries, works for the Indian surgeons and more and more patients come here in the hope of being completely cured.

Secondly, the cost affordability. In fact, cost affordability is a great reason why our country is chosen over many others. Getting a hip replacement India done costs about fifty percent lesser than in any other part of the world. But this does not mean we compromise on the quality of treatment. The technology, the medicines, the facilities and infrastructure that are available in this country are all state-of-the-art. It is due to the effective economic policies laid down by the government that the cost of treatment is distributed and managed well.

Last but not the least, the disease management capabilities of the clinical team in India is beyond excellence. If a patient comes to India to get a knee replacement surgery in Delhi done, then the patient and the attendant are taken care of ever since the time they land at the airport. Their accommodation, admission, surgery, and post-operative recovery are planned meticulously and help is available at an arms distance. The hospitality of this country is famous across the globe and especially when it is about patients, we Indians leave no stone unturned to help them out.

So the next time you plan to get your knee surgery then opt for a knee replacement surgery in Delhi and come and experience the quality of treatment and the hospitality with which one is treated in this country.

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