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How to Automatically Reload a Tab in Chrome

    • 1). Click on the Windows "Start" button, "All Programs" and "Google Chrome" directory, then click on the "Google Chrome" shortcut icon. This will launch the Google Chrome Web browser.

    • 2). Go to the official Google Chrome website and click on the "Install" button to download the "Auto-Reload" Chrome extension. The installation will take a couple of seconds to complete.

    • 3). Click on the spanner button to the right of the Chrome address bar, then on "Tools" and "Extensions," after which the "Extensions" page will load. Click on "Options" in the Auto-Load extension section, then change the numerical value, representing seconds, in the "Timout" section. This indicates the time frame in which the tab will reload.

    • 4). Type a website address in the Chrome address bar, then press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. The website in the tab will reload, according to the time frame that you specified in step 3.

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