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    • Merida is filled with historical treasures.Rinc?3n de los poetas en Merida image by anscario2005 from

      Many of Merida's best and historical sites are located in the center of town surrounding the Main Plaza. The Cathedral of San Idelfonso is located on the east side of the Main Plaza in downtown Merida. Merida's town hall, or the Palacio Municipal, was founded in 1735. El Mozo's former residence, Casa de Montejo, is viewable on the plaza's south side. The building was built in 1542. A striking memorial to the city's painful and violent history is located on the north side in the Palacio de Gobierno. Within the 19th century building are 27 murals created by Fernanco Castro Pacheco that illustrate the fall of the Mayans to the Spanish at Merida. Even if history isn't their thing, travelers will be rewarded for staying in the vibrant city. With nearly 800,000 people, cosmopolitan Merida has shopping, restaurants and museums.

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