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Birthday Gift Ideas for a 1 Year Old

    Personalized Birthday Book

    • Personalization Mall will engrave four lines of text onto the maple-wood cover of a spiral-ring photo album. Have the album engraved with the child's first and middle name and the phrase "Birthday Memories." His parents can add a few pictures from his birthday celebrations each year and he'll be able to look back and watch himself grow up. The album holds up to 72 4-by-6 inch photos and costs $29.95, as of October 2010.

    Share of Stock

    • Buy a share of stock from One Share. This company allows you to choose stocks from over 150 brands, including kid-friendly companies like Disney and LeapFrog. You can buy the stock certificate alone or have it matted, framed and engraved. Start a tradition of giving the child one stock at each birthday, and by the time he's an adult, he can sell them or continue to watch them grow. One share of Disney stock costs $72, as of October 2010. The stock plus engraving and framing costs around $122. Both prices include a $39 transfer fee. The exact price of each stock fluctuates as the stock exchange moves.

    Frog Pod Bath Toys

    • The Boon Frog Pod is a bathtub toy that has several different parts to keep a child entertained during bath time. The base of the green plastic frog sticks to the bathroom wall and has openings to store containers of shampoo or soap. The frog's body is a basket that stores a collection of small bath toys. When the bath is done, use the basket to scoop up all the toys and rinse them off before returning them to the base. A child who is turning a year old is just at the right age to start enjoying bath toys, and his parents will appreciate how easy the Frog Pod is to set up and store. The toy is available on Amazon, and the Pod and accompanying toys cost $35, as of October 2010.

    Name Puzzle Stool

    • The personalized stool that Personalization Mall makes serves several purposes for a toddler. The company makes two stool sizes that have the letters of the child's name set into the top. The letters come out like large puzzle pieces, and fitting the pieces back into the stool base helps the child practice his motor skills and spatial understanding. As he gets older, the stool can help him learn to spell his name or climb up to reach the sink. The small stool, which can fit a name of up to eight letters, costs $65.95, as of October 2010. A large stool holds up to 14 letters and costs $76.95.

    Multipurpose Stuffed Animal

    • Most one-year-olds love stuffed animals and cozy blankets --- Arte Bebe makes a product that's both. The company's 30-inch high animals can sit up like regular stuffed animals. When the child is ready to lay down for a nap, the animal unfolds into a snuggly blanket for the child to sleep on with the head sticking up like a pillow. Arte Bebe makes a donkey, cow, puppy and sheep. Each costs $49, as of October 2010. The company also makes a smaller version of the sheep, which is 14 inches high and costs $28.

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