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Hoof & Mouth Disease in People


    • Though the names of the diseases are similar, hoof and mouth disease and HFMD are caused by two different viruses.


    • Children with HFMD begin having flu-like symptoms. After two days, painful sores form in the mouth and on the cheeks and tongue. True to its name, the disease also causes a rash on the feet and hands.


    • According to the CDC, HFMD is spread via contact with an infected person. People are contagious for the first week of the disease.


    • There is no cure for the disease, but it is self-limiting and will resolve on its own. Taking pain medication and drinking lots of fluids can help ease the discomfort.


    • While rare, severe complications from HFMD include meningitis and encephalitis. Some children will experience loss of fingernails and toenails following the disease.

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