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Pinpointing the Early Signs of Menopause

There are definitely a lot of advantages to knowing the early signs of menopause.
It is not hard to do so because most of them are quite well known.
Not knowing what to expect, though, can be scary.
Face it, the change of life is scary enough as it is.
When you know what to expect, you can prepare yourself for when the time comes.
This is important because these symptoms can occur quite quickly - seemingly out of the blue! That can be very discombobulating, especially when you do not feel old enough to go through such a big change.
But you can prepare yourself by keeping yourself informed and familiar with the signs.
The first sign of menopause involves your periods.
They will become irregular, thanks to changing hormones.
Estrogen is the main culprit.
Your body starts producing less estrogen, which is responsible for triggering other hormones that run your menstruation cycles.
Less of these hormones are triggered.
That makes your period and ovulation schedules fluctuate.
These fluctuations can show up in a number of different ways.
Some months, your flow can be very heavy.
Other months, it may be extremely light.
Some months, it may last for much longer than seven days.
Other times, it may only last a few.
It can start coming much too early, or it may be very late.
You go through a number of devastating emotional changes as well.
For instance, you will start to experience extreme mood swings.
Sensitivity is pretty much prerequisite.
You can go through a variety of different emotions.
One minute, you might be ready to cry or to rage at the drop of the hat.
The next minute, you may be full of frenetic happiness, feeling active and energized.
Of course, you can also expect to feel everything in between.
One thing you definitely need to watch out for is depression.
It is also a common sign of menopause, especially early on in the process.
Mood swings are unpleasant, but you can deal with them.
If you are depressed, you definitely need to take it seriously and see someone.
Hot flashes are a very dead give away.
For the most part, they are connected directly to menopause.
Women dread this symptom more than just about anything.
The fluctuating hormones rampaging in your body are the main catalysts for hot flashes.
Insomnia is yet another big sign.
You will inexplicably find it more and more difficult to get to sleep when you are exhausted.
A full night's sleep will likely become a thing of the past.
Worst of all, insomnia is generally accompanied by feelings of extreme fatigue.
Basically, you are terribly tired all the time, yet you cannot get a good night's sleep.
You can also expect to experience a whole different type of weight gain.
When women gain weight during menopause, it is much different than at any other time.
Mainly, your body will distribute the weight differently.
Usually we women put on weight get it on our hips, rear end, and thighs.
However, during menopause, we gain weight around our abdomen - the dreaded belly weight.
This can in turn change the entire shape of your body.
Water retention plays a huge part in menopausal weight gain as well.

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