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I Had Sex With Him and I Don"t Know If He Will Stay or Not! Here Is What Happens After Sex

If you are wondering what goes on in your guy's head after you have slept with him, then know that you are not alone! Many women wonder if their agreeing to sleep with their guy has changed his feelings for her! These tips will let you know what guys usually think after having sex.
He thinks he's had it made If he is the type of guy who just has sex on his mind, then he will probably think he has a good thing going for him! He will think that he has it made because you have complied with his wishes and agreed to have sex with him.
This is why is it important to know how deeply he cares for you first.
He is convinced that you are serious about him The fact that you finally agreed to have sex with him coupled with the fact that the sex was terrific will convince him that you have deep and serious feelings about him.
He could be relieved and happy to know this and will want to continue in the relationship with you.
He is wondering when there will be an encore If he has just managed to entice you to bed and cannot believe his luck when you agreed, he could be wondering if you will be so agreeable in future.
He might be looking for ways to make sure that there will be an encore and you will sleep with him again.
If this is the case, he does not really care.
He is wondering if he was up to the mark Not all men are super confident about their sexual prowess.
If he is insecure about his sexuality and is afraid that he is not up to the mark then he will be worried if the sex was good enough for you or not.
All he will be thinking of is "was I able to satisfy her?" He is afraid that you were disappointed in any way If the sex was disappointing in some way, he might be full of doubts as regards to his abilities to please a woman.
He might be afraid that you were so disappointed with him that you are not going to see him any more.
All you have to do is watch him closely and try to read his body language and you will find out what he is thinking.
He is satisfied that you trusted him The very fact that you agreed to have sex with him could have touched him and convinced him that you trusted him.
He will be full of emotions and feelings that run from gratitude and happiness to pride and confidence that he could get you into bed! One of the most common thoughts that would run through his mind would be making up his mind not to let you down.
He could want to make it legal If he is madly in love with you and has realized that you have trusted him implicitly by sleeping with him, he might feel a rush of emotion and want to make it legal.
He will want to do this only if he is serious about you and wants to make his future with you.

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