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Childhood Obesity, Hypertension and Moderation

The children of the world are in trouble.
They are in dire hurt and what are we doing to help them? Do we help them to lose the extra weight? Are we aiding them to exercise? Are we, as the parents controlling what the children eat? Do we allow them to eat that "second" doughnut at breakfast? Or do we say "no, one is enough?" Are we teaching the children what "moderation" is? The majority of the children can't make these decisions by themselves.
Their brains are not mature enough to make these decisions.
They need our help and guidance.
As parents, it is up to us to take the upper hand and take control of our childrens' obesity.
If control isn't taken, the children of the world will end up sick and dead.
The silent killer can creep up on them without ever knowing they have it.
There are no symptoms.
That is why it is called "the silent killer"also known as hypertension, high blood pressure, systolic/diastolic, then eventually the children are diagnosed with these illnesses; stroke, heart attacks, kidney disease, diabetes to name a few.
And the parents say to themselves "Why my child?" Well mom and dad "you didn't watch what I ate and you allowed me to eat what I wanted.
" Moderation is the answer.
Eat in moderation.
One hamburger is better than two.
Celery sticks are better than a candy bar.
We, as parents, should have the most influence over our children, but it appears as the children have attained the influence over the parents.
It is time for the parents to take control over their children.
Moderation is the key, along with daily exercise! Set an example for your children.
Show your children what moderation is.
Moderation is being within reasonable limits, not excessive or extreme.
Moderation can save your child's life.
Hypertension may not.
Set limits for your child and stick to them.
Don't allow your child to eat "seconds.
" Obesity is a killer.
It causes too much strain on the heart and the body.
Childhood obesity is an epidemic.
It is not getting any better, but only worse.
It is time for us parents to step up to the plate and teach moderation.
The majority of parents stuff their kids faces with junk foods in hopes that they will be still and quiet and they won't need all that attention they had the day before.
This is known as "lazy parenting" and clearly the parents either don't know or don't care about the effects that this behavior brings on.
Some parents think that they will attain points with their kids, bringing favor and unconditional love if they give their child everything they ask for.
People, this is not love, nor is it showing your child love.
Saying "no" is much more loving than giving in to the kids.
The incidence of children obesity has doubled in the last 25 years, the physical effects of childhood obesity and later life cannot be ignored.
If the parents continue to ignore and give in, then the kids are in for the real "silent killer" for sure.

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