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How to Seduce a Woman - What If You Are Not a Great Looking Guy?

You know that you are not one of those guys that women take one look at and immediately exclaim how hot you are. You know that if anything, you pretty much have average looks. Does that mean that you don't have any chance at all to be able to seduce a woman? Well, not really. See, the guys that do have the looks that make women stop and notice them, they do have a slight advantage as far as getting her attention right away.

Other than that, though, you can easily level that playing field. Plenty of good-looking guys end up being disappointments to the women that think they are hot, simply because once the woman gets talking to them, they realize that they don't have much to say at all. And that is where you can shine.

It's Easy to Seduce a Woman When You Can Captivate Her Attention...

Talking to a woman is not easy for a lot of guys and even when they do get the nerve to talk to a woman, most guys are dreadfully boring. They either just don't have much of anything at all to say, or the topics that they do bring up fail to get the woman's interest. This is where you want to be able to step in and be one of those rare guys that can hold a conversation and really, captivate her attention.

If you can do that, then you are already leaps and bounds ahead of most guys. And it won't matter so much that you are not the best looking guy, because you are able to stand out in another way. At the end of the day, most women want to be around a guy that can converse with them. They don't want to be with a guy who has nothing to say at all.

You Can REALLY Do Well When You Know How to Make Her Feel Sexually Attracted to You...

The other thing that you have working for you, regardless of your looks, is that you can gain the edge by learning how to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you. You may assume that you have to be a really good-looking guy to do that, but it all really depends on how you make her feel more than what you look like when you look in the mirror. So, you may have thought that your looks would preclude you from being able to seduce a woman, but as I think that you can see now, that does NOT have to be the case at all.

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