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How to Make a Ten Foot Pinata

    • 1). Blow up 10 large round or pear-shaped balloons, tying the ends when they are fully blown.

    • 2). Tape the balloons together. Place double-sided tape on the end that is tied and then stick the smooth side of another balloon on top of the tape. A long line of balloons will form.

    • 3). Measure the line of balloons. Each standard balloon should measure 12 inches long. Ten balloons together should equal 10 feet. If you come up short, add balloons to add up to 10 feet.

    • 4). Combine the water and flour. Mix until a soft paste forms.

    • 5). Cut newspapers into strips with a 1-inch width.

    • 6). Dip the newspaper strips into the flour-water paste mixture and saturate the strips.

    • 7). Remove the strips from the paste and remove any excess clumps from the strip. Cover the balloon randomly with the strips. The strips should overlap. Leave a very small opening exposing each of the balloons. Leave a an opening big enough to fit candy through on the top.

    • 8). Let the newspaper-covered balloon dry overnight.

    • 9). Apply another layer of newspaper strips and flour-paste mixture after the balloon has fully dried. Leave the small holes open on each of the balloons.

    • 10

      Repeat the previous step with one more layer, for a total of three layers.

    • 11

      After the newspaper strips have fully dried, take a pin and pop the balloons inside.

    • 12

      Poke two holes, evenly spaced, around the opening for the candy. Make sure the holes are at least an inch from the pinata's rim to prevent ripping. Run a piece of string through both holes. Tie both ends of string together.

    • 13

      Paint and decorate the pinata as you see fit.

    • 14

      Fill the pinata with candy and other small prizes. Cover the hole with small squares of newspaper and paste to seal the piñata completely.

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