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How to Prevent Marine Fish Disease

    • 1). Use a quarantine tank. Housing new fish in a quarantine tank prior to moving them into your main tank can help you spot diseases before they become problematic. Your quarantine tank needs to have proper water parameters and offer hiding places for new fish. Reducing stress in your new arrivals will help keep them healthy. Keep new arrivals in quarantine for two to three weeks.

    • 2). Reduce stress. Fish compatibility is a key component of a successful tank. Fish that nip and fight with each other are not likely to stay healthy. Don't introduce fish that vary greatly in size or look too much like one another. Do your research and talk to knowledgeable sales people before purchasing your fish. You can also check fish compatibility charts and books. Your aquascape also needs to be compatible with your fish and invertebrates.

    • 3). Maintain water quality. Several factors influence water quality. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are all toxic and occur during the breakdown of waste and excess food. Too much of these can cause stress which makes your fish susceptible to disease. PH, temperature and specific gravity (salinity) are also critical elements of proper water parameters.

    • 4). Provide adequate nutrition. Thinking beyond flake food can help provide all the nutrients your fish need to stay healthy. Just like humans, proper nutrition can help support a strong immune system. Frozen foods like shrimp, clams, squid, krill and brine shrimp are available for saltwater fish. Some saltwater fish eat algae; you may not want to let it grow in your tank, but you can buy it in chunks, sheets or flakes. You can also feed your fish live food. Depending on the fish in your tank you can feed them live blackworms, ghost shrimp, crayfish or fiddler crabs.

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