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Top 10 Predictions for 2012 - The Year of Riots, Revolutions, and Restrictions

Putting the words into the world predicting the future of any year is a bit liking cliff diving into a 3 foot pool.
Something is always going to go wrong.
My Top 10 Predictions for 2012 though are my best estimates for where we will find our environment financially, politically, socially, and personally through this most tumultuous of years.
2012 will be the Year of Riots, Revolutions, and Restrictions because it has been planned that way far in advance.
Here are the Financial Survival Center's Top 10 Predictions for 2012
  1. War with Iran will begin.
    Possibly through a provocation from the U.
    to Iran or Israel, there will be a full war with Iran.
    This could escalate into overt conflict with Pakistan, China, Russia and the general Middle East - or what is left of it.
    Instead of another "over there" war, this will be an "over here" war also.
    The U.
    could possibly be attacked with EMP weapons or worse.
    This one prediction for 2012 is enough to shift the sands for all other decisions.
    War brings famine in all things, including humanity.
  2. The U.
    dollar will eventually collapse
    , probably towards the end of the year.
    This will be apre-planned maneuver and part of the war process.
    The currency may function nationally, but will be strongly devalued internationally.
    See China and Japan's trade agreement ex USD currency.
  3. Currency controls, bank shut downs, and travel restrictions will become more intrusive and our money will not be our money to do with as we please.
    This is already going on, but will become more obvious as restrictions on how much money one can withdraw, or taxes for sending money outside the country, and even broad accusations of "terroristic" use of funds will lock down accounts.
  4. Food prices will soar despite commodity prices taking a plunge.
    Part of this is the result of global competition for increasingly rare foodstuffs.
    Our grain elevators were intentionally emptied by the U.
    Even with the ethanol scam falling flat, there will not be enough general food, nor enough people farming to produce the food needed to keep prices low.
  5. Commodity prices will stage a roaring return to higher prices and even restricted availability as war dreams beat.
    Commodities power wars.
    Steel and exotic elements depend on logistics from mine to smelter.
    Metals will roar back, oil and gas may not rise as high because the U.
    is planning to open up our own abundant oil sources.
  6. Oil prices will rise, then fall later on as the U.
    opens up its own reserves, but oil will remain much higher than now.
    We will be in the $4 and up range.
    Quite possibly much higher.
    Even natural gas will get a big boost from this.
    There will be a shift to running cars off of natural gas at some point.
  7. Precious metals - gold, silver, platinum, and palladium will rocket higher toward the middle and later part of 2012.
    This will be driven by the currency collapse and the wide awareness that the U.
    is headed for a collapse.
    Unfortunately, the U.
    government and even world governments, will color all precious metals holders as enemies of the state.
    Especially those with silver.
    This is already happening and will continue apace until the gold and silver holders are sneaking around in ninja outfits to transact.
  8. Crime will not be as bad as people expect at all.
    Contrary to what everyone else and other prognosticators, with more than 50% of house holds owning guns, criminals will avoid occupied homes and only hit places were they are less likely to get shot.
    Property crime will soar but violent crime will not rise commensurately.
    The only places that will fall fast into violent crime are the gang areas, dead housing areas, and in victim disarmament zones.
    The major Violent Criminal Actors will increasingly be seen as the thugs in blue, U.
    military forces, national guard troops, government agents of all stripes - local, county, city, state, federal, and even U.
    eco goons.
    They will be the primary criminal actors to avoid.
    We are much more likely to be accosted, fined, harassed and even imprisoned by our government Violent Criminal Actors, than any non-uniformed criminal.
    Get ready for them in any way you can.
  9. Escaping the U.
    will become a common theme and people will make the move more frequently.
    Part of this is just an effect from the Predictions for 2012 already made.
    Part of the move is economic.
    Without 2 leased Lexus in the 3rd mortgage garage anymore, people are beginning to see a much greener pasture where there is no TSA.
    This movement has been going on for a long time already among the well heeled.
    Now it will become anyone who can jump onto the ship leaving.
  10. People will get married faster and get closer.
    When an earthquake hits, people bond.
    We will experience an earthquake from every direction and the instinct to not be alone will lead to more partnering, communes, getting hitched, or any for of partnership other than being solo or carefree.
  11. Giving you more than I even promised, my last Prediction for 2012 is that there will be a major black out in the U.
    possibly lasting weeks.
    The causes could be simply grid weakness, or an EMP weapon, war, or a solar energy burst.
    We have been lucky so far, but now we will get whacked.
Any comments are appreciated.
Put together your own list of personal predictions.
See how they worked out, or if you have the will and tough skin, publish them.
To your best year ever - 2012.

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