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Vet Questions for Dogs


    • Probably two of the first questions will be: How much do you feed your dog and how often do you feed it? This may explain why your dog is overweight or underweight. Vets often like to hear about feeding your pet twice a day. Depending on how much you give your dog, the vet may say it is all right to give them a little more or that you need to reduce the amount to help your dog reach an acceptable weight.

    Type of dog food

    • What about the quality of the food? That includes the food in their age category (puppy, adult or senior), as well as brands like Purina and Iams. A veterinarian might not be receptive to other brands.


    • How often do you take your dog out for walks or to play? It is important to answer this honestly, even if it is not as much as you would like. The vets will generally be looking for at least one walk a day, maybe more (depending on the breed and the age of the dog).


    • How often does your dog relieve himself? If your dog does not poop at least once a day, the vet might say something is wrong. It is important to tell the vet exactly how often and if the amount or the consistency has changed recently. If there are any irregularities, there could be problems within the dog's digestive track.

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