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Great Falls Poker Tournaments - Texas Holdem Family Pot

Have you ever heard about the family pot? The Texas Holdem Family Pot describes a situation wherein most or all the players in the table enter the pot. This can happen quite often, especially before the flop is revealed.

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It is not unusual to encounter a Texas Holdem Family Pot, especially before the flop. However, this does not necessarily mean that everyone in the table has been dealt strong starting hands. It is quite often to have family pots in low limit games, especially when there is loose action. In low limit and loose action games, players tend to call even if they have marginal hands or starting hands that are below par.

Having these kinds of players as opponents can be to your advantage. This is because more players put in bets to the pot. If you have hit quite strong hands like pocket aces or pocket kings, you can be in for some treat. With many players placing bets into the pot, you no longer need to invest much to make the pot grow. You can simply limp in to their bets and surprise them at the end.

Although you might be playing with loose players and often end up with family pots, do not lose your focus. You still need to take caution because you can never tell when one of your opponents has a stronger hand than yours. But if your hole cards and the community cards tell you that you most likely have the best hand at the table, you can always call the bets posted by your opponents.

The Texas Holdem Family Pot can truly be a gift, especially if you have strong hands. The chances of raking in a good number of chips are quite high, and you need not put in too many chips to the pot.

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