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Dr Shyamala Reddy Dental College Bangalore - An Overview

Dr Shyamala Reddy Dental College has come into existence in the year 1992 with the motive of giving reliable dental education to the students having a dearth of monetary status. The huge 7 acre campus of this institution includes college lecture buildings, hospital and research center. The campus life is spectacular and independent lifestyle can be enjoyed here. The ragging free environment keeps the students feel relaxed and lighthearted. They can concentrate on studies and research work to meet the regular challenges coming in the dental field. The campus has administrative buildings, laboratories, library, hostels, classrooms and departments and sufficient space if offered to every portion of the departments.

Dr Shyamala Reddy Dental College has been identified by the Medical Council of India and comes under Rajiv Gandhi university of Health Sciences. The college will always maintain high standards in giving academic excellence to the students who will work for the social well being of the country. The students are given responsible techniques and ideas of treatment so that they can be successful in the future career. The college remains flexible to the changes coming in the dental education curriculum around the globe. It is willing to make changes in the study matter and experimental techniques to keep pace with the changing pattern of the dental studies. Well equipped laboratories are installed in the campus and attached to outpatient department to enable the students to see the real life cases closely. Advanced diagnostic aids and methods of treatment are provided at very low cost in the adjoining hospital. Students get a chance to work alongside the faculty members who are actually doctors in the hospital.

Dr Shyamala Reddy Dental College Bangalore is a recognized name in the dental education in the country. The college arranges dental camps to treat the needy people of the rural areas of the state. Students get exposed to social conditions and gets an opportunity to show their skills. The students enjoy great life in hostels. Separate accommodation is provided to girls and boys and strict protection is maintained for their security measures. Senior wardens take care of the happenings in the hostels and control its functioning. Students are given good quality North and South Indian healthy meals.

Dr Shyamala Reddy Dental College Bangalore encourages students to take part in cultural activities and social events. This enables the students to make use of their creativity and inborn talents. Induction, orientation, cultural programs, performances and different types of events help in the all round development of the individuals rather than the only academic side. Wisdom must be related to the liking of the subject of study to excel in a career. The students love the years of stay here and gather great memories to help them shine in future years.

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