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Chromium And Cholesterol Control

Chromium is needed by the body in order to handle fats and sugars correctly (which makes it ideal for stabilizing blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics) and several studies have linked chromium (and in particular chromium picolinate) with excellent results in not only lowering LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol but also raising HDL cholesterol.
These benefits are particularly noticeable in those already suffering with high cholesterol.
At a meeting of the American College of Nutrition, it was shown that on average total blood cholesterol levels fell more than 20 points in those subjects that received chromium picolinate whilst there were no changes in those receiving a placebo.
The lead researcher Dr.
Greenberg said that "These new observations concerning chromium picolinate and blood cholesterol levels are impressive".
It is even more impressive when you consider participants in these studies were not using lipid-lowering medications and the only intervention was to give either chromium picolinate or the placebo during the test periods.
Although chromium picolinate at levels of 200 mcg per day significantly lowered blood cholesterol, supplementation with 1,000 mcg per day had more pronounced effects.
Typically, chromium supplementation was required for at least 2 months to see an effect.
" This study is unique in that it considered the effects of chromium supplementation alone on blood cholesterol levels i.
no other supplement or intervention was used - so just imagine the effects that could be achieved if a combination of supplements and dietary changes were used! I feel that 1000mcg of chromium is a little excessive (although no ill-effects were noted during the study) and I would feel more inclined to recommend a daily dosage of 200-400mcg instead.

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