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How to Breed Chipmunks

    • 1). Choose a cage large enough for the chipmunk to breed, house and care for her young.

    • 2). Confirm the gender of your chipmunks before placing them in the same cage together. Get the animal to turn upside down so you can look at its posterior area, checking for male or female sex organs to determine its gender. Place an apple or grape on the wire mesh. Examine them while they eat.

    • 3). Mate only chipmunks that appear in good health. Look at the eyes and the fur. Ensure that the eyes are bright and shiny, and the fur is clean.

    • 4). Place more females than males in one cage. For example, in a group of six, put four females with two males. The female members of the group mate with multiple partners when they are in heat.

    • 5). Place ample food and water in the chipmunks' cage, especially after one member of the group has become pregnant, increasing the chance that the young will be born healthy.

    • 6). Ensure that the female has plenty of personal space after pregnancy. Refrain from petting her during this time, or attempting to clean her.

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