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Global Resorts Network Mastermind Review

Global Resorts Network is a marketing company that has taken the internet by storm with it's compensation plan called Perpetual Leverage. It has perfected the combination of the big upfront commision that only direct selling provides with a unique built in residual income that network marketing is famous for. Unlimited depth and a quality product that we as marketers are proud to promote.

On this page I will be exploring what Global Resorts Network is, and whether it is a scam or there is real data and science to back the claims up.

Global Resorts Network was created by 2 Arizona's own sons. Alfonso H. Morales and Charles Tomlin. In 1999, they developed an Internet reservation and customer service system providing members with access to their's world-wide inventories of accommodation, as well as expertise in the vacation industry. As a result of these initiatives, Global Resorts Network's members are now served by the most advanced, user-friendly Internet reservation and customer support systems in the industry.

For over two decades, Global Resorts Network have set the benchmark for superior customer service, discriminating taste, and quality accommodations, all at very attractive prices. Company's commitment to superior service, integrity, and attractive prices, are the cornerstones on which the company built it's growth and success. From a few offices in Canada and Mexico, Global Resorts Network has grown to a worldwide membership, providing access to quality accommodations around the globe.

Now, for couple of minutes I will have to take a quick diversion and talk about Reverse Funnel System, since RFS and GRN are strongly connected. Have you ever heard about the Reverse Funnel System? If not, let me first explain to you what the Reverse Funnel System is and then I will continue telling you more about the Global Resorts Network and the connection beetween those two.

The creator of the Reverse Funnel System is a guy named Ty Coughlin. Ty Coughlin is a highly successful Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer. He was the top income producer in a company called Liberty League for many years, and has earned millions of dollars in the direct sales industry. The Reverse Funnel System was a solution to a problem which prevented 95% of all people involved with marketing from succeeding. The problem was - communication skills. People needed to aquire some major communication skills in order to succeed in marketing, and no matter how you look at it, most people had problems with that...well they still do!

So the Reverse Funnel System is the combination of Inner Circle's marketing team and Ty's knowledge gathered together in order to create a high converting marketing funnel, with no dependency on the person behind the page itself. The system came to remove the "human error" from the whole marketing process, since the page "captured" the prospect's information while at the same time closed the deal - all by itself.

Needless to say, the Reverse Funnel System exploded all over the internet and people started making money ( Of course alogn with the success came all the posts and reviews on the subject " is the Reverse Funnel System a scam?" etc ). To this day, and with no intension to stop, Ty Coughlin still tests all the convertion percentage and constantly makes improvements to the Reverse Funnel System...

Reverse Funnel System was designed to market one product, and one product only - Global Resorts Network. And it doesn't take an engeneer degree to understand the "why". Global Resorts Network offers 3 most desireble things when it comes to the a Money Making Opportunity:

1. Great Product! Global Resorts Network allows it's members to get incredible discounts on traveling, vacations, and a whole bunch of other things.

2. High Ticket Commisions( Highest there is ).

3. Residual Income opportunity.

I mean, it is a win win situation when you look at it. Because there is nothing else you need to look for in a Internet Marketing Business Opportunity. So, it all comes down to you having to learn how to market the Global Resorts Network if you want to produce serious income. The amount of money you will make will depend only on how hard you are willing to market. Amount of work put into marketing your Global Resorts Network marketing funnel will determine how high you will rise in this industry.
That Simple! What you want to do next is to find a good marketing team who will teach you all of these tactics and principles and Boom!! You will make money!

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