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How to Apply for a Passport in India

    • 1). Find out where you can apply for your passport in person. You can apply at Regional Passport Offices, Passport Collection Centers, Speed Post Centers, and District Passport Cells. Check out to see where the passport application centre nearest you is located.

    • 2). Gather your documents. You will need proof of address, proof of date of birth, and proof of citizenship. You may also require other documents if your citizenship has been granted under special circumstances. Visit if you have any questions regarding which documents are valid.

    • 3). Fill in the application form. Forms can be downloaded here: Make sure to use all capital letters. Only blue or black ink ball point pens are allowed.

    • 4). Visit the nearest passport application center, hand in your application and supporting documents and pay the fee. Fresh passports of 36 pages cost 1000 rupees, while if you want a larger book with 60 pages it costs 1500 rupees. Minors, under age 15, pay only 600 rupees for passports with 5-year validity.

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