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Walt Disney World Rides - Top 10 Thrill Rides For the Adrenaline Junkie

You might think that Walt Disney World rides are only for small children with teacup rides, bumper cars and Disney Princesses all about.
The truth is, however, Disney offers some serious thrills for adrenaline junkies! Check out the top 10 adrenaline packed rides available at a Disney World park near you.
Goofy's Barnstormer- Don't let the name of this mini-coaster fool you; it is a great adrenaline rush.
It is a short little ride hidden in toon town, but with dips and twists that will leave you breathless.
Soarin- Have you always wanted to hang glide but were not too sure about safety? Take a trip on Disney's Soarin a simulated ride that gives you the feeling of soaring over the city and eventually the park itself.
The creators paid so much attention to detail that you will actually smell the orange groves as you "glide" over them! 3.
Space Mountain- One of the classic Disney World rides that will take you into outer space! Not really, but you will think you have left the planet.
Space Mountain is an indoor rollercoaster that boast high speeds and a few dips and turns, in the dark! 4.
Splash Mountain- Instantly you should know that this ride could get you wet, especially if you are in the front.
Splash Mountain is a wildly popular indoor water ride that lasts an incredible ten minutes and finales with a five-story drop and a big splash.
Test Track- Have you ever wanted to be the one who test-drives the cars on a closed course.
Here is the closest you can get without changing your job title.
Rough terrain, hills and turns all come together to give you the ultimate ride.
Test-drive futuristic cars at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.
Rock n Rollercoaster- Jump on the Rock n Rollercoaster for some cool speeds, corkscrew turns, loops and drops.
Your late for the concert and must reach some ridicules speeds to get there.
Expedition Everest- Head for the summit of Mount Everest and prepare for some tight turns, speed and dips as you travel through a Nepalese mountain village.
Mission Space- For everyone who has ever dreamed of being an astronaut there is Mission Space.
Blast off for parts unknown and experience G-Force like never before! 9.
Star Tours- If you cannot get enough of space travel head out to Star Tours.
Your guide on the journey is a rookie pilot who does not quite have it all figured out yet.
This means your journey will be a bit bumpy and exciting.
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- Last but definitely not least is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.
Ride the elevator up 13 stories.
Each floor will reveal a different scene from Twilight Zone until you reach the top and plunge straight back down all 13 floors! Walt Disney World rides are not just for little kids.
Adrenaline junkies can more than get their fix from these and other great thrill rides.
If you are out for a day of spills, chills and thrills, you might want to stay away from the concession stands!

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