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Understanding Men: 3 Reasons Your Man Notices Other Women, No Matter How Hard You Try

When women try to get better at understanding men, they often find that no matter how much more effort they put in, they don't seem to be impressing the man even one little bit.
If it's a vehicle to try and get more attention from the man, it's never going to work.
All the woman is going to notice is that the man is slowly going to drift away from her (even if she's his wife) and that he's going to start getting more and more friendly with other women.
I've been through this stage but my wife did three things to make me realize that she was the only one for me.
Stopped Obsessing When I first starting dating the woman who is now my wife, she was beautiful.
She still is beautiful now.
However, time does funny things to a woman.
It makes her more aware of herself.
All the wrinkles women get, extra wobbly bits, little things like that.
She obsessed about them so much that I couldn't help but see them as negative aspects when really I never noticed them in the first place.
She made it into an issue.
Some friends of her told her to just relax and that it was just all part of life.
She actually apologized to me and told me that she loves herself the way she is.
Checking Her Out There is nothing wrong with me checking other women out.
A lot of women find this taboo and honestly, I don't think it's that big of an issue.
My wife used to be really against it and hated it when we were out.
When I started checking guys out (I'm not gay), she started relaxing and checked guys out too.
She didn't feel guilty about that at all.
I told her it was the same.
It actually helped me learn more about her.
She learned more about me and what I like in women, so it's actually beneficial for both of us.
She was unhappy Ultimately, her problems were all caused by herself.
She never did get to blaming anyone, which is a good thing, but once she realised that everything was in her head, she relaxed.
She became happy with herself again.
Funnily enough, her weight went back to a level that she was happy with and she acknowledges her "wrinkles" as "smile lines", which I find cute.
If you're a woman trying hard to get better at understanding men, realize that you have to understand yourself well first.
If your man is checking out other women, is it really because he's falling out of love with you, or is it because you're falling out of love with yourself?

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