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How to Replace a Rearview Mirror

    • 1). Remove all old adhesive from the windshield using a gasket scraper. Slide the edge of the scraper's blade under the edge of the old, dried-on adhesive and scrape it off.

    • 2). Clean the windshield using paper towels and a spray-on window cleaner. Do this to prepare the glass surface for the new adhesive as it will not adhere to the glass if the surface has any adhesive residue, tar from smoking, dirt or oil from your fingertips on it.

    • 3). Use the gasket scraper to remove as much as possible of the old adhesive from the attachment piece on the rearview mirror. Use a fine-grit sandpaper to help remove the old adhesive and to give the new adhesive a surface it can adhere to. Wipe off all old adhesive and dust from sanding using a dry cloth.

    • 4). Cut off the end of a tube of rearview mirror adhesive using a utility knife. Make the cut 1/8 inch from the end of the tube at an angle for easier application. Squeeze a small amount of the adhesive onto the attachment piece of the rearview mirror. Use the tip of the tube to spread the adhesive over the piece so it is completely covered with a thin layer of adhesive.

    • 5). Hold the rearview mirror up to the windshield and press the mirror onto the windshield, sliding it into position. Look at the mirror closely to see if it is straight and then slide it again to adjust. Hold pressure on the mirror's attachment piece once it is straight for one to two minutes. Allow the adhesive to dry 12 hours before adjusting the mirror. Wait to drive the car until the adhesive is dry, so you can adjust the mirror before operating the vehicle.

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