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Looking for Family Values in Russian Ukrainian Mentality - Eastern Brides Questions

Western men often admit that Russian and Ukrainian women are "old fashioned" or "traditional valued" family and relationship wise and that nowadays it became really hard to find a good looking lady back home who shares same kind of values and believes.
What are the "traditional values"? What is that thing that attracts men? I heard several times times from different gentlemen, that Russian girls are very much like ladies at home some 30 or 40 years ago.
Western world has changed so much since then.
It looks like in the modern world there is no place for pure Love and Romance any more.
How many times did you think to yourself that life without a family and children is not something you really enjoy, how many times did you realise that loneliness is something that scares you a lot, how many times were your cold and lonely at night in a big but empty house? Some tough questions, but let's face it, you have not done a lot to change it.
It's easy to be not happy and wait for something to happen, but it's really not the way you should act.
Larry shares his impressions after going to Ukraine and meeting the Russian women: "There are really many nice and real girls, who are not models but they are naturally attractive, they want to have nice life, but money is not the most important thing for them, they have and like their jobs, but don't put the career as the first priority in life" As the world becomes more and more business oriented, it becomes harder and harder to find a soul mate who will not just be your partner, but who is really a part of your soul that you are missing.
If two partners, when getting married, think that they both have everything to be happy, then their marriage, in the best case will be an «interaction" of two unlike creatures.
But marriage is something much bigger than that.
A husband and a wife are the male and female aspects of one soul, that was born in two different bodies; for many years they were living separately, often far from each other, without even knowing about existence of the second half.
But G-d brought them together and gave them a chance to be together again- to be one thing on all levels: in their thoughts, feelings and physical life.
The marriage is more than simple junction of two individualities.
It is a reunion of separated soul, confluence of two lives, that used to be one initially.
Ta make your marriage work, always remember that you are just a half of the soul and together with your beloved you can reach happiness.

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