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A Visual India Treat To JewelleryAmrapali

Amrapali is the brainchild of two wonderful designers Mr. Rajiv Arora and Mr. Rajesh Ajmera. Having traveled in search of that piece of cultural inspiration, these two jewelry designers brought to the Indian jewel design panorama, an entirely new form of inspiration. Having drawn their resources from the Indian soil and having observed with such great exquisite detail the extent of the cultures and tradition from a design perspective, Amrapali has been a leading producer of designer jewels that are not just traditional-oriented but which provide a wonderful uniqueness.

Amrapali is now a well-known name in the whole of the Indian jewel industry, reaching far out into the scope of movies, celebrities and more too. This coming together of Mr Arora and Mr Ajmera has, in fact, marked a strong and significant period of growth in the Indian jewel design world. Not only has the popularity of these designs reached far and wide across the globe, but has also reached corners within the country. This has led to the fantastic functioning of about 36 outlets across the whole globe. Amrapali is recognized name amongst prominent jewellers across the globe and features some of the best designs that reflect the Indianness within the makers.

Amrapali started in the last leg of 70s. What started in 1978 as a simple and brilliant attempt to get the Indian jewelry design arena out into the world, has turned out into a full-fledged brand name for excellence, creativity and uniqueness. Amrapali designs are not only sought after in designer wear, but also by celebrities who routinely buy from them. Custom made designs which become famous instantly, inter-mixing of different traditional designs along with modern ones and much more are the forte of Amrapali. They have won awards like Best Bridal Jewelry, Highest Exports Awards in India and more. These go on to prove their excellence in the world of jewelry design where Amrapali is a name that speaks craft, uniqueness and creativity.

Amrapali jewelry can be obtained from any of the 36 outlets all across the globe. People can also view the showcases online through their website and other places where their works are showcased. Amrapali is not just for the designers it is also for the common people!

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