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Skin Care Product From a Male Point of View

I really hate the fact that there is just so many advertisements on television that talk about the so called magic cures for caring for your skin.
We want to take care of our most prized possession which of course is ourselves but at what cost and who can you really trust? OK there is products that are in the market place and they want to protect there names at all cost so they not only have a duty to you, but they also have one to the people they employ and themselves.
My mum, sister and wife all swear by Adeva skin care products and are always taking about how great the company products are.
So I decided to run my own small test with one of the companies products for my skin condition.
I hate my hands being dry so I thought I would see if the product will keep my hands moisturized for a long period of time.
Now when I say that my hands were a major problem for me, was an understatement, my hands really were and I had been trying for years to find that perfect product.
Tried the product for a number of weeks and I must say the problem had been an over night success.
I not in any way working or earning a commission from this company, I really just wanted to shared my experience about a product that my wife, mum and sister raved on about and all I can say it that I now understand why they love this companies product range, and once I used the cream it really did work.
So you will have different skin to myself but if someone talks about a product that has worked for them and I had the same skin condition, why would I not try it out? The only thing I can say is that this is one major brand that stuck to their word and really delivered with full marks.

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