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Add an Intimate Touch to Your Jewelry Gift With Engraving

Jewelry is always an appealing gift, especially when you're seeking out something special.
Often, those giving gifts of jewelry strive to find ways to personalize the gift, to give it a sense of individuality.
Personalizing jewelry isn't an all or nothing game, where one must have something designed from the ground up.
Something as simple as having jewelry engraved is enough to turn a gorgeous ring or pendant into something intimate and personal as well.
Having a piece of jewelry engraved is an affordable prospect as well, depending on the type of engraving you intend to have done.
Jewelers can engrave for as little as one dollar per character, and the possibilities of what you can say are limitless.
Of the different types of jewelry available, rings are a prime candidate for a beautiful engraving.
If you've recently become engaged or married, you could consider having the band engraved.
It's common to engrave the interior portion of the wedding band with the couples' names, the date of the wedding or engagement, or a short and meaningful phrase.
Others may prefer to engrave on the exterior portion of the ring, although it is less common.
The possibilities do not stop with rings.
In fact, you can have all manners of jewelry engraved, including pendants and bracelets.
"Dog tag" style pendants have enough space to accommodate longer messages, favorite scriptures, or meaningful quotations.
The classic monogrammed pendant is also a favorite choice for many.
Charm bracelets have the same sort of versatility as the dog tag pendant.
The surface area allows for options such as a charm engraved with the name of children or grandchildren.
One is limited only by their ability to dream up something meaningful for the recipient.
For those seeking a bracelet, how can one forget the classic I.
bracelet? I.
bracelets aren't just for young children and those with medical conditions.
High fashion, sophisticated bracelets can be found in practically any jewelry store, and they're tailor made for a beautiful engraving.
The surface area is large enough to put a name, an important date, or even a short message.
Engraved jewelry is a thoughtful and special gift that will please many an intimate friend or lover.
Jewelry engraving is not overly expensive, and it is an affordable way to bring a particular level of individuality to a gift.
Engraving a piece of jewelry can turn a somewhat ordinary piece into something extraordinary and even a potential heirloom.

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