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Repossessed Used Car Auctions - Reasons to Attend

If you are like me you are the type of person that needs reasons to try something different from the way you have been doing things.
Someone may make a recommendation but there needs to be reasons why you try their recommendation.
Why would you ever want to try a repossessed seized used car vehicle auction? Isn't it just easier to go to the local dealership in my area and find the vehicle I want there? Actually not really.
Here are some reasons why we say so.
Price! When you go to a dealership or visit a private owner who is selling their car or truck there is usually one thing in common.
They are looking to make as much money on the sale of the vehicle as possible.
At dealerships you might even see used vehicles priced as high as new cars.
Absurd! That's a good reason to try seized car auctions instead.
At these auctions the goal is not profit.
The auctioneer just needs to move the vehicles before new used vehicles come piling in.
If they don't see fast auctioneers are in trouble.
They only have so much room! No Pressure! Dealerships are known for car salesmen who are ready to pressure you and swindle you on the bottom line.
The last time you dealt with them you probably said that's enough of them.
Repossessed vehicle auctions are different.
There are no sharks swimming in the waters trying to swindle you for a higher commission.
In fact if you decide not to buy no one is going to come after you trying to pressure you into buying.
What a relief!

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