So, on my travels around the internet, looking for a great alternative to the corporate cog of Paperchase, I have found a diamond. This wander was inspired by my horror at constantly going to buy a card, and having to queue for literally a day, getting to the till and finding that actually, I forgot something important to my trip. How annoying do you find that? So i retreated to the confines of my computer, hoping I could come across something stationary orientated, to rival my favourites in clothing and music.

So how amazed was I to find this? [] is the answer to my prayers. Run by a graduate of Southampton university, CC Bespoke is by far my favourite site ever. She is literally, amazing.

Charlotte Callin, a UK based artist has produced her designs for Topshop (hello? one of the most iconic stores in Europe, and firmly set in the heart of every woman) and her organic designs are imaginative and funky. She is a graduate from Southampton University, and has been responsible for the brand creation of some really exciting start up businesses, designing cards, headed paper and other important things to help cement the branding in peoples minds.

Have a look at 'the early bird catches the worm', one of my favourites, which is a quirky twist on the age old phrase. Charlotte combines simple topics with her clever insights, and has turned very simple things into amazing pieces. I recently recieved a postcard from the artist herself, with a black and red tree, and was enthralled by the interesting use of colour and imagery she uses to convey her themes.

You should probably warn my friends and family that all they will be recieving over the coming years will be Charlotte Callin originals. Whether it be cards, paintings or papercuts, its all ill be buying this year. Lets hope she branches out to jewellry!

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