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Les Menuires - The Jewel of the Three Valleys

If your dream holiday involves zooming down snow covered slopes at breakneck speed, or simply gliding elegantly down the more gentle runs catching the scenery as you go, there's no better place to head than the French Alps.

But many people, even those obsessed with skiing, look for a more holistic experience for their winter holiday. Some actually prefer staying away from the lifts and runs all together! In either case, Les Menuires will not disappoint, on and off the slopes.

Winter sports

So, what should you expect to find when you walk out the doors of your ski chalet? Les Menuires gives you nothing less than state-of-the-art winter sporting facilities that go beyond skiing. And for that you do not even need to stray far into the rest of the Three Valleys region (the largest snow sports area in the world), which is right on your doorstep. With 4500 square metres dedicated to a new Sports and Relaxation centre, combined with the well-established Les Bruyeres centre focused on aqua sports and therapy, you can fill your time with a wide array of alternative winter sporting activities.

International Cuisine

Even the most dedicated powder addict needs to eat! Depending on your catering choices, this is a place where the best cuisine can be served up either inside or outside your ski chalet. Les Menuires is a resort brimming with the famous French dedication to the highest quality food and drink. No matter what way your tastes run, there are numerous options available in the many hotels, restaurants and cafes in this resort committed to the highest standards of quality.


Personal health and comfort are essential when you are spending a great deal of time in the cold - and even more so when you are on holiday. Even within the walls of your ski chalet, Les Menuires is a place geared up to nurturing your mind, body and spirit. You can choose to wind down by relaxing by your own cosy fire, or, alternatively, treat yourself to a spa treatment, therapeutic massage, Jacuzzi or sauna to loosen up your tired muscles and relax your racing mind.

Access to the best of the Three Valleys

Ultimately, however, location is the most important aspect when choosing a ski chalet. Les Menuires not only gives you plenty of options beyond skiing within the realm of its resort facilities, it also places you smack bang in the middle of the largest winter playground in the world. You'll have access to the entire Three Valleys, opening you up to its many features, and you may even sight a celebrity or two taking to the slopes in this world-famous area.

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