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Many people would like to work from home, but with the proliferation of stay-at-home scams and schemes it can be difficult to know the best positions to look for.
 Medical billing is one job that can be done from home that will bring in real income, and it requires real work.
Medical offices, private medical practices and hospitals all need to deal with medical billing information in the same way.
 Private insurance, Social Security, Medicare, and Workers Compensation all require a fair bit of information to be gathered, compiled and properly entered onto forms and submitted in order for these practitioners to get paid.
 Doctors, however, spend most their time dealing with patients and the paperwork of keeping detailed notes and charts on each patient.
 By the end of the day there are charts to dictate and papers to file and most doctors simply don't have the time and energy to spend time dealing with the hassles of calling on insurance claims during the work day.
  This is where knowing medical billing info comes in handy for the person looking to work from home or even to work in an office doing medical billing.
 The job entails collecting information, formatting and submitting it properly, and calling the proper patients, doctors, authorities or companies when clarification or information is needed.
 Incorrectly filed paperwork will mean that doctors don't get paid, so having the right information is of paramount importance.
Though you can get all the information you need to learn to do the data entry and submission parts of this career from books and software packages, there is a lot that can't be learned from books alone.
 Working in an office and then transitioning to a home job is one avenue, though you can also go through a school or online program for certification.
The hardest part of a medical billing info career for many can be the hours spent on the phone dealing with a variety of private and public medical insurance entities.
 These are the skills that can only be perfected by the doing, and through advice from people who have been there and know the ins and outs of the insurance industry.
Filling out the forms is a matter of entering all of the patient's personal and insurance information, and then finding the correct medical billing codes for identifying allowable treatments and services performed.
 This billing code is standardized, and new books with updated medical billing codes are published each year.
 There are a variety of books available that list the codes for various specialties within different medical fields.
 Using the correct billing codes is one more factor for a doctor making the difference between receiving payment and not getting paid.
When dealing with medical billing info you will also need to know the HIPAA regulations that insure patient privacy.
 If you work from home, you will need to keep a back up of all of the medical billing info you compile for at least two years after the date of service.

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