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How to Install an Alternator in a 1999 Ford Taurus

    • 1). Disconnect the negative battery cable from the negative battery terminal on the battery using the battery wrench. Tuck the cable to the side where it cannot accidentally contact the terminal.

    • 2). Plug the serpentine belt tool into the belt tensioner and use the tool to relieve the tension on the serpentine belt. Slip the belt off the tensioner pulley with your free hand and then slowly ease the tensioner back into position.

    • 3). Move the belt off the alternator pulley.

    • 4). Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the alternator by hand. Depending on the engine, and your physical characteristics, this may be easier to achieve by going through the right front wheel well instead of the top of the engine well.

    • 5). Unbolt the ground wire from the back of the alternator and then unbolt the alternator mounting bolts using the socket set.

    • 6). Pull the alternator out and compare it to the replacement alternator. Because the Taurus can have several different alternators, you always need to physically compare the old unit to the replacement one to ensure it will work properly for your Taurus.

    • 7). Slide the replacement alternator into position, hold it in place and thread the mounting bolts back in with your other hand. Tighten the bolts down using the socket set. Plug the wiring harness in and reconnect the ground wire in reverse of removal.

    • 8). Pull the belt over the alternator pulley and then move the tensioner aside once more using the belt tensioner tool. Place the belt back on the tensioner pulley, release the tensioner slowly back into position and remove the tool.

    • 9). Reconnect the negative battery cable.

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