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Advantages of a Pintle Hitch

    • When needing to haul something, oftentimes traditional hitches are not enough, so many people turn to the use of more advanced hitches, such as a pintle hitch. Pintle hitches provides several advantages to consumers and are often the "go to" hitch of choice for many truck owners.


    • One of the main goals of a pintle hitch over other traditional hitches is mobility. Many hitches perform well on highways, however, if you need to haul something over rough terrain, their immobility can create problems if the driver ends up on "less than smooth" terrain.

      Pintle hitches have a hook feature that allows turning and moving in a much more "elastic" manner. One downside to the mobility that they possess is that if a pintle hitch is not installed correctly, it can often lead to problems in hauling.


    • Although complicated in appearance, pintle hitches are designed for durability. Since pintle hitches are used most notably by people that drive on rough terrain, they are designed to be durable over time even when rough treatment is incurred.

    Easy Installation

    • Although many dealerships install pintle hitches, installation is considered easy by many people that have installed traditional hitches. Since installation at a dealership can be fairly expensive, pintle hitches are valued because they can be self-installed.


    • Pintle hitches can be used under a variety of circumstances. They can be used for basic off-road purposes for recreational vehicles--whether you're taking a trip into the woods for a camping expedition or whether you're having to haul something to a remote location. Many companies use pintle hitches for a variety of tasks, including hauling on farms and ranches--as well as for hauling heavy loads in remote areas.


    • Pintle hitches are widely used, so there are various adapters that can be mounted to make them fit on a variety of vehicle types. There are also several accessories, such as mounting bars and shock absorbers that make them more effective.

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