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How to Hunt With the 500 S&W Magnum

    • 1). Shoot practice targets at about 50 yards. Even with a cannon like the 500 Magnum, shots at big game rarely are taken at any distance more than 50 yards. Set up targets against a solid backstop like a mound of dirt or stream bank. Ensure there is no danger of bullets hitting anything you do not intend them to hit.

    • 2). Load 275-grain bullets when you practice. Use 440-grain bullets when you hunt. The 440-grain factory loads produce almost 2,600 feet-to-pound of muzzle energy. Wrangling this much power will limit the number of rounds you'll be able to comfortably fire in a practice session. Even with the 275-grain bullets, expect some discomfort after shooting 10 to 15 rounds.

    • 3). Acclimate yourself to the handgun's kick and weight. Practice often to achieve a high level of familiarity with the weapon. Understanding what to expect when you fire the gun is crucial to consistently remaining accurate. Realize that this a gun for experienced shooters. A good rule of thumb is that if you are comfortable firing a .44 Magnum, you will be able to handle the 500 Magnum.

    • 4). Get close to your intended game. Shower before you head out in the field and use a scentless soap and shampoo to avoid detection by animals. Consider how concealed your hunting stand is from view and intuit how close game will be away from your stand. If hunting elk or moose, use calls, if they are legal in the state, to draw in game.

    • 5). Aim for the area around the middle of the shoulder of the animal. Regardless of the 500 Magnum's monstrous stopping power, shooting animals in this area of the body, which contains the vital organs, is good hunting technique with any firearm. This technique will help to ensure a quick and humane kill.

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