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Feng Shui for the bedroom: keep yourself healthy

The Chinese art of Feng shui is very ancient and very popular. Initially it was confined to china only but with the passage of time it has expended itself all over the world. People believe a lot in this ancient art. This art mainly focuses on the right flow of energy called "chi" to your homes and offices. This energy brings peace and harmony with it. Feng shui art is applicable to all corners of your home and offices.

If you want to have any idea about the person's character and behavior you can peep into his bedroom. Ambience of your bedroom says a lot about you. It depends on you how you maintain it. This is not only the place where you relax but spend some of the best moments of your life. The environment of such place should be soothing, relaxing, and energetic so that you can bring intimacy and harmony in your relationships. Feng shui can help you to create such environment for your bedroom with simple practical Feng shui tools.

Here are some of the Feng shui tips for your bedrooms so that you can have a quick nap, tight sleep or can make passionate love. But all these tips should be followed with right instructions:
  • Firstly, keep your bedroom properly ventilated with fresh air. So open your bedroom windows once in a day to allow pure and fresh air in. Breathing in polluted and stale air cannot ever bring good fortune to you. Fresh air brings positive chi with it that induces a sense of relief in you.
  • Use of television and mirrors in your bedroom is suggested to avoid. This seems to bring conflicts in your personal relationships through third party intervention. If you can't avoid the habit, at least make a habit to cover it with a plastic cloth when not in use.
  • Bedroom d├ęcor holds an important position according to Feng shui. Soothing and cool colors always attracts good energy to you. Skin color shades are the most preferred as they make your love life intimate and pleasurable.
  • Bedroom lightning may vary from basic to bold; dimmed to dramatic. But from Feng shui point of view proper lightening is important to keep yourself healthy. Candles are the best soothing source of energy. A very dim light says to induce darkness in your life also.
  • Images, wall hangings, sceneries you use in your bedroom should be chosen very wisely. Sad, lonely, destructive, unhappy and other negative pictures generate same feeling within you.
  • In night don't forget to close the doors, be it of room bathroom or main bedroom door. For strengthening yourself a close environment is must in night.
  • A strong wall against your bed helps you to have deep sleep in the night and fills you with freshness in the morning. Exposing beam just above your bed is invitation for bad energy. But if you use two beams near by that their negative effect is cancelled.
  • If possible place your bed far away from the front door such that you can easily see the door. This will generate a sense of security while you are asleep. The space under your bad should be clean without any unwanted items.
  • Avoid sleeping with your head towards the window because energy dissipation can make you feel tired. These windows should not be in straight line with doors to preserve chi from moving out directly.

Such Feng shui for the bedroom keeps you energetic, happy, joyful and satisfied. This keeps you healthy. A Feng shui bedroom is gaining popularity these days because of the positive results it is coming up with. At least try a few simple tricks to your bedroom also to see its effectiveness.

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