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How to Upgrade Your Life!

Every person, including you, needs time to work out their own problems in their own way.
You should not attach yourself to another persons problems in such a way as to harm yourself.
Cell life responds to your thoughts; thoughts can heal or hurt you.
So your thikning must be free, and pure and unselfish and honest and filled with love...
for it is LOVE that brings freedom! As you learn to love people for what they are and what they are not you will find that you become well.
It will only be a matter of time before you notice wellness on the physical plane.
You must learn to be IN the world but not OF the world.
Wise words of the bible.
All this is purely a matter of decision.
Only reactions to the consequences of any decision are what makes it good or bad.
If you are not being challenged or you are not challenging yourself then you are not growing.
Do not worry about the future for it does not exist, stay focused on the moment that you have, for this is real...
right now is what you have.
If you desire the very best there is for all people everywhere, you will be well on your way to bringing health to yourself and to everyone else.
Whatever the opposition, the problem, your challenge,..
I have found that many people are harming themselves with their thoughts each day.
They are not expressing themselves with love, instead they allow negative emotions to run their lives and therefore to destroy their bodies.
It is the improper expression that results in cysts, tumors and infections.
They unknowingly are creating energy impasses and therefore toxins have a home in which to live.
As the free flow of energy returns with LOVE as the medicine for all that you are, life becomes what it was meant to be and the Light Within you will take precedence and become manifest in your daily life.
You cannot attract children or pets if you are not joyful.
So, you must make a decision right now to become the joyful being that you were born to be.
No matter how sick you are, how fearful you are, just start spreading goodness and doing good and creating good and you will see that God/Universal Love will return to you all that you share.
Isn't it time that you begin to experience peace and harmony again? You deserve it.
KNOW that you deserve it.
That is the first key.
Learning how to become the master of your situation will take you far into wellness.
As you begin to realize that you are One with God you will feel stronger.
Make an agreement with good and with joy and with God and with truth.
Once you experience the truth you will proceed through this material life and be able to perceive things differently.
You will realize that circulate literally means that there is no beginning and there is no end.
It is derived from circle which is a never ending experience.
It is time to stop killing yourself with your thoughts, rather improve yourself with your thoughts instead.
Paradise is not far off, actually you can have it now.
Complete good belongs to you and it is your birthright to be well in all ways.
Learning to forgive sets you free.
Be sure that if you do not learn to forgive you will surely suffer that very thing that you could not forgive.
Just release any stressful memory by bringing it into the now of your life and forgiving those involved.
Sometimes it is yourself that most needs forgiveness.
Remember please that all people are always doing the best they can with what they know and who they are at any given moment.
Now if a situation seems too big for you, something that you cannot control, then you cannot change the environment externally, however, you can change your internal environment.
Make a conscious choice NOT to react negatively, instead use LOVE to create peace within you.
As this peace within grows it flows and as it flows it moves beyond the boundaries of your physical body and mind and into the world around you.
Everyone has found themselves on the "poor me" seat sometime in life.
Get off of that seat! That fear will paralyze you faster than anything else.
So, what do you do? Get moving!!! Get moving in ways that you can move.
If you can move your finger, do it.
If you cannot even move one molecule of your physical body - you can at least start moving your mind, your thoughts into better directions.
Whatever it is that you think you lack you must give.
If you are lacking love, give love.
If you are lacking friendship, be a friend.
If you need attention, give attention to others.
If you need money, be more free and give money to someone who least expects it.
Why does this work? This method of living works because it is in harmony with the ultimate truth that we are not separate.
When you give to others you ARE giving to yourself and will therefore prosper in ways unimaginable! In the Bible there are many wonderful teachings that still apply today.
One brilliant saying is "What you have done unto the least of thy bretren you have done unto Me as well.
" You cannot touch the other person without touching yourself.
To make profound difference in your life you must change the way you approach everything.
The first thing to do is to become your own best friend.
Help yourself by choosing what makes you feel good about yourself instead of things that make you feel terrible.
Make choices that bring you into the joyful spaces.
Do you really like feeling down and wallowing in sadness? I doubt it! As you make choices to do the right things in life you will jump back into life and away from death.
Stop dwelling on your defeats and rather dwell on your victories.
Stop convincing yourself that things are impossible even before you try.
More than anything else I have found that low self-esteem is a killer.
If you have had a life of feeling less than great about yourself, do whatever you can to change that feeling.
As you make changes to improve the way you feel about yourself you will see how much better you feel about others in your life.
You must know who you are, no one else can establish your identity.
Start today to make better choices, treat yourself with respect and love and honor.
Get rid of your bad habits that have poisoned your life.
You can do it if you really want to change.
As you examine your life check to see if you have established negative behavior patterns that are limiting you in any way.
Find the scenarios that repeat themselves in your life.
Do not hide your anger, depression is actually anger turned inward.
Depressed people tend to be victims.
And those individuals who are victims generally have a need to be innocent in order to be loved.
You must take responsibility for where your life has gone.
Find out who and what made you angry as a child and once and for all forgive those circumstances and all people involved.
You do not have to be a victim to punish yourself because you hated one of your parents for treating you poorly as a child.
That happens quite often.
Here are some steps you can take to upgrade your life starting today:
  • Give yourself permission to change for the better.
  • Let go of past hurts by using forgiveness techniques.
  • Realize that you must change your thoughts first and then your feelings will follow.
  • Uncover the damns in your life by looking for your hurts, fears, angers.
  • Love yourself into wellness by making better choices and erasing negative habits.
  • Surround yourself with people who make you laugh more often.
  • Help others when you are feeling down, it raises your mood and makes you feel valued.
  • Get in motion because stagnation brings pain.
  • Mentally see, or visualize better circumstances and hold your focus on your desires.
  • Choose to do good things every day.
    Start with something small and let it grow.
  • Be grateful and count your blessings.
    By focusing on your blessings you will make them grow.
    (Watering the seeds of your blessings)
  • Learn to meditate or get into a calm state where you can gather insights not available in books.
  • Search for the things that you have felt guilty for, angry about, fearful of and let them surface so that you can forgive yourself and those involved.
  • Be aware that you affect everyone in your environment.
    You are not separate from anything that exists.
    Absorb the beauty around you with all of your senses and give loving thoughts and gestures to all of life.
As you love life it will once again show you that you are also loved and you are capable of achieving even your wildest dreams! Upgrade your life by making a choice today to become your best friend and then a loving soul that touches the world around you!

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