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Balancing Your Party Plan Business and Motherhood

So, you've decided to work from home in the party plan industry, mainly to stay at home with your children.
Isn't that an oxymoron? How can you possibly do both, especially with your children who demand so much of your time? Well it's not easy, but it can be done! First of all, review the reasons why you are starting this business.
Is it for extra money? Do you crave the social atmosphere? Are you looking for recognition and rewards? Or do you just want to dress up (meaning curl your hair and wear makeup) once a week and remember what your life was like before kids? Be clear on your reasons.
That will determine how much time you really need to work on your business.
Lists can become crucial to your success.
Once you write something down, you won't forget it, so you don't have to focus on it constantly.
Each night, before you go to bed, write a list for the next day of what you need to accomplish.
Your list should encompass personal as well as business interests.
I divide my list into 3 parts; things I need to leave the house for, things I can do at home, and phone calls I need to make.
I also put a time next to the item, how long it will take me.
You will be surprised how much can be done in less than 15 minutes.
More time is wasted in minutes than in hours.
As women, we are masters at multi tasking.
Use these skills to help you in business as well.
You can make phone calls while folding laundry.
You can write invitations or thank you notes while you sit with your children watching a movie.
You can stamp catalogs while chatting on the phone with friends.
Making phone calls while watching your children; now, that's an oxymoron!!! Depending on the ages of your little ones, you can make phone time fun time! Fill a box with special toys in it, and only allow them to use them when you are on the phone.
At first, take it slow, and only make 5 minutes of calls.
Increase the time and increase the toys.
The children will come to associate phone time with fun time! Try it, it really works! You should also enlist the children to help you.
Even young ones can stamp catalogs and it will make them proud to be a part of your business.
(find age appropriate work for them) You can also include them in your goals.
Make a chart that they can color in when you accomplish your goals.
So, if your goal is to sell $2000 this month, let them color in a block, or a car, or a star, or whatever you choose for each $500 in sales.
When you reach your goal, let there be a gift for them as well.
(a trip to McDonald's, or the park, etc) This way they will also look forward to you reaching your goals! Remember that your reason for working from home is to be the stay at home mom that you always wanted to be.
Be that mom! Enjoy your children, they are only young once.
You can never get that time back.
Take them to the park, play with them every day, and enjoy every moment.
When you play, play hard.
And when you work, work hard.
Don't feel guilty when you are working.
And by the same measure, don't feel guilty when you are playing.
There is time for both! Your children will benefit from watching you build your business.
They will learn that hard work gathers results.
They will see you make goals, stretch to reach them, and never give up.
They will watch you help other people, and it will impact their lives.
Most importantly, they will see that you love your work, and are happy everyday.
How many people do we know that are stuck in dead end jobs and hate them? A wise man once said, "Find something that you love, and find a way to make money doing it, and you will always be happy.
" That's what I want for my children.
© 2008 Linda Hope Bradley Inc.

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