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Do You Really Know How to Identify a Termite?

Learn How To Identify This Pest So You Can Effectively Eliminate It From Your Home! Are you trying to determine whether or not the pests that have infested your home are termites? The reality is that identifying a termite in Los Angeles can be difficult.
After all, the differences between termites and other pests (such as ants) can actually be difficult to identify.
In fact, the two pests look so similar that they are often referred to as "white ants.
" Although a termite in Los Angeles may look an awful lot like ants, they are genetically more similar to cockroaches than they are to ants.
Nonetheless, telling the difference between termites and ants can be difficult.
Fortunately, if you are trying to identify the pest in Los Angeles that has infested your home, there are a few key characteristics you should keep in mind...
* Ants can be dark red, black or brown, while termites are usually white or almost translucent in color (which means you can actually see the food in a termite's stomach) * Termites and ants both have six legs, but the termites' legs are stubbier * The waist of an ant is narrower than the waist of a termite * Termites and ants may both have wings, but the wings on a termite are twice as long as its body; the wings on an ant are equal to the length of its body * Termites and ants may both have four wings, but the wings of the termite are usually of equal size and shape; the back two wings on an ant are usually smaller than those in front * Termites with wings are darker than other termites, while ants with wings are the same color as other ants without wings * Non-winged termites usually do not have eyes, while all ants have distinguishable eyes * Both termites and ants have antennae, but the ants' antennae have a slight bend with longer segments; the termites' antennae look similar to a string of pears * An ant's body is plated and harder than a termite's body * Termites prefer the dark, which means they usually are not seen during the day; ants are frequently seen out and about during the day Do you now have a better idea of what an ant looks like versus a termite? Do you think you might have a problem with a termite infestation in Los Angeles? If so, it is important for you to take control of your problem as soon as possible.
Ideally, you should contact a professional extermination company to eliminate your pest in Los Angeles.
A professional exterminator can provide you the certainty that your infestation problem has been properly handled and that your home will be well-protected from future infestation.

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