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Love Scavenger Hunt Ideas


    • You can plan a love scavenger hunt for your significant other that will send her to places that are significant to your relationship. You can create clues that send her to the place where you shared your first kiss, where you went on your first date and even where you proposed.

      Purchase little gifts and one big gift, then send your love on a scavenger hunt to find them all. You can include reasons why you love him on the clue cards to show how much you care.

      Plan a romantic day together that includes a few different activities, then send your sweetheart around the house or town with a scavenger hunt to find all the necessities for your activities. You can plan activities like a romantic dinner, a movie night and a walk through the park with a picnic for lunch.


    • Whether you are throwing a Valentine's Day party for adults or kids, you can plan a love-themed scavenger hunt that your guests will enjoy. You could even plan this scavenger hunt for an anniversary party or a fun and funky wedding reception. Use the list on the website in resources section for inspiration. Create clues that have your guests running all over looking for these items. You can have them take pictures with the items using their camera phones, or you can just have them write down where they found them to prove that they did. First team to find all the clues wins.

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