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Childrens Birthday Party Ideas

Children's Birthday Parties can be fun, but exausting for you.
The following ideas aply for children ages 2-12 (more birthday party ideas at Idea Queen).
The most important part of any children's party is to keep it simple.
Kids have a way of amazing us with how entertained they can keep eachother with even the simplest of activities.
(If you are ever in doubt, give your child a box and watch them for a few hours).
Here are some ideas to make a smooth and flexible birthday party.
Planning the Party Before you buy anything, you'll want to first plan the party.
What's the theme? How many kids will there be? Do you need games? This isn't always necessary for younger children, but as they get older becomes important.
You'll also want to pick the place where the party will be.
There's nothing wrong with having it at home, but you could also have a party at the park, a kid-friendly restuarant (Chucky Cheese for example), or another fun place.
The Checklist With any party you are going to need supplies.
This is a given, but make sure you have everything on your list a few days before your party.
Don't forget the cake, party favors (if you need them), ice cream, etc.
Depending on where the party is you may not need much, but make sure you have it all.
Invitations If the child is school age, there's going to be a guest list.
Be sure to send the invitations out at least a week ahead of time so other parents have enough time to buy gifts.
I know I've had problems with rushing to get gifts in time because I didn't get the invitation until the day before the party.
Keep the other parent in mind, and offer an RSVP so you know how many extra children you'll have on that day.
Games, Favors, & Activities This is going to depend on the age of the children invited to the party.
While a schedule isn't recommended, you'll still need to do a bit of planning if you are having a long party.
Older children can help in planning their party and making their own list of things they want to do with their guests.
Younger children might need some help, and you may need to have some activities to do to keep them occupied especially if you hold the party in your own home.
Coloring books, bubbles, and other activities can work for younger children.
Keep some back up ideas in hand for those that just don't want to do anything.
Now that you have some ideas, you should have a fun and happy birthday party for your child!

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