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Glaucoma Symptoms, Causes, and Effective Natural Treatment

Glaucoma is a condition which is related with a disease of optic nerve.
Optic nerve is the major nerve of vision.
With the help of retina optic nerves transmits the impulses to the brain from where we perceives as vision.
But due to glaucoma there are damages in the optic nerves which start with a subtle loss of side vision.
If glaucoma is left untreated then it can progress to loss of central vision and person may suffer from complete blindness.
Today in the worldwide the leading cause of the irreversible blindness is only glaucoma.
From this disease an individual may become blind by both the eyes.
But many people suffering from glaucoma remain unaware of this disease.
People are unaware of this problem in spite of suffering from this problem because initially glaucoma causes no symptoms and also the loss of vision is so slow that it may be hardly noticeable.
It is a very common problem among the adult people or above the age 50.
It more affects the people suffering from far sighted rather than people suffering from near sighted.
The main cause of the glaucoma is the increased pressure in the eye due to which damage is caused to the optic nerve.
Prolonged hours of working under insufficient light condition are also one of its major causes.
But ultimately the real cause of the glaucoma is also the toxic condition due to wrong food habits, for the treatment of some disease continuous use of suppressive medicines, a defective style of living.
One of the secondary contributory factor is also eye strain.
Glaucoma is also caused by excess stress.
The other factors which are responsible for causing glaucoma are diabetes, allergies, arteriosclerosis, sinus condition, giddiness and also the disturbance of the autonomic nervous system.
As soon as there is the development of glaucoma patient suffer from impairment of vision, appearance of colored rings round the objects which are placed at distant and when seen at night is the preliminary symptom of glaucoma.
Patient suffers from frequent pain in the region of brow and the iris is also pushed forward.
Natural Treatment for Glaucoma 1.
Tea, coffee, beer, tobacco and the fluids and juices must be avoided.
Increase the intake of vitamin A, B, C, protein and other mineral.
Increase the intake of raw fruits and vegetables.
For cleansing of the bowels, enema of warm water should be administered daily.
Intake of B-complex and calcium must be increased.

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