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Room Decor Makeover Games

    Girl Room Décor

    • Girl Room Décor allows you to create the bedroom of your dreams. The bedroom is already furnished, but you can get new furniture by clicking an item. If you don't like the bed, click it several times to see all of the available beds. Stop clicking when you see a bed you want to use. Repeat this step with all the furniture in the bedroom, including the rug and window. Click "save" when you're done to get a photo of your completed bedroom.

    Cutie Yuki's Bedroom

    • Cutie Yuki's Bedroom starts with barren walls, a plain floor and a bed with nothing but a mattress. It's your job to give Yuki, the main character, a nice looking bedroom. You will see a group of buttons on the right side of the screen. Each button represents an item to place in the room. Click a button to see the choices for each item. For example, click the rug icon to see a selection of rugs and floors. Choose the one you want and click the "close" button. Repeat this step with each button to decorate the room.

    3D Kitchen Decoration

    • 3D Kitchen Decoration is your chance to decorate the perfect kitchen. The kitchen is waiting for a complete makeover. Choose items such as a new stove, microwave, refrigerator, table and floor. You also can add new curtains and cabinets. Simply click the item you want to change, and see the available selections appear onscreen.

    My Room Scene

    • My Room Scene requires you to make several decorating decisions. Your choices appear on the left side of the screen. Pictures represent items to add to the room. Arrow buttons appear to the left and right of each picture. Scroll through the available items by clicking one of the arrows. As you scroll through the items, they appear in the room. If two items appear as a set, you have to click the items individually to see them onscreen. For instance, the wall and floor are a set. Although they are together, you have to click either the wall or the floor to put them into the room.

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