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Technology Education - When Classroom Technology Needs Troubleshooting & You"re Stressed Out!

One of the most common gripes of teachers working to integrate technology into their classroom is that they find themselves troubleshooting technology more than instructing.
   I would be reporting from some alien nation if I didn't acknowledge and agree with you that working with technology will bring some technical issues.
Add into that equation the variable of children! The first step in dealing with this problem is accepting this so that when it happens it doesn't cause you any anxiety or stress.
One way to combat some of the stress is to always encourage students to save often for "when" the computer malfunctions, not "if" it will happen.
I also have a string of comments available for problem times: "Bummer.
" "Man, I hate when that happens!" "Why don't you try another computer?" "I sure hope you saved recently.
" "I bet next time you'll save!" Another way to deal with the technical issues is to use your students as the experts.
As you troubleshoot an issue with a student, talk out loud and explain what you are doing.
Then when the issue arises again, send that child to help the other.
Remembering that the students of today have always had technology and technological issues as a part of their life, they are very understanding and patient..
more than we are as adults! By using these couple strategies you may find that you feel less stressed as you acknowledge that technological issues are just a fact of life when you use multiple computers with a class of children.

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